Earthkind is a multi-brand platform offering a one-stop destination for sustainable and ethically made clothing and accessories.
We exist
to introduce, support and celebrate ethical labels, creators and designers who share the same vision and are paving the way for the slow fashion movement
We help you navigate the fashion industry's otherwise murky waters and bring together brands applying innovation to introduce sustainable lifestyle changes while preserving our individuality and self-expression.
Fashion and lifestyle have an immense impact on the planet and every living thing on it.
The increasing concerns not only stem from business practices in the industry, but it also begins and ends with us. Yet, we cannot buy our way to sustainability.

It is our everyday choices that allow sustainability to become integral to our culture, and this is what makes a difference – a little goes a long way.

Keep in mind that the most sustainable way to dress is to look within your own wardrobe. We, Earthkind, are here for you when you do need a new addition to your wardrobe – we help you choose better.
It’s On Us and the Rest of Earthkind It’s On Us  and the Rest of Earthkind
Every action counts. There is never a part too small for anyone to play in solving global, social and environmental issues.
For instance, going on a vegan diet for 24 hours would save
litres of water
sqm of the forest
kg of grains
kg of CO2
Let alone the animal lives that were spared.

Join our efforts and start practising sustainable living habits, one step at a time.
To be the go-to platform where aesthetics, ethics and innovation meet.
Making sustainable fashion a norm, all without having to compromise on style.